Happy Generosity Day!

Don’t feel bad if you bought a Hallmark card today. You’ve been conditioned your whole life to think of Valentine’s Day as a day to buy things in order to express your affection.

But maybe you’re starting to catch on to the false kind of love that is packaged and commodified by corporations. So let’s “reboot” Valentine’s Day as Generosity Day. I’ll let my friend Sasha Dichter, originator of this idea, explain:

“This Monday, Valentine’s Day, is going to be rebooted as Generosity Day: one day of sharing love with everyone, of being generous to everyone, to see how it feels and to practice saying “Yes.” Let’s make the day about love, action and human connection–because we can do better than smarmy greeting cards, overpriced roses, and stressed-out couples trying to create romantic meals on the fly.”

Sasha’s entire post, including suggestions for how to be generous today, can be found here.

And because love don’t cost a thing, I particularly urge you to be generous with your attention. Notice what’s going on around you, and give someone a genuine complement or words of encouragement. Really listen to the people who want to talk about their day without thinking about what you’re going to say next. If you’re in a conversation where you disagree with the other person, really try to understand where they are coming from and why they believe the things they do.

The sweet irony, of course, is that the more we are generous in giving of ourselves to others, the more we benefit and learn and grow as a human being.

And if you, like Sasha, want to extend this experiment because you like the way it feels, I encourage you to join the 29-Day Giving Challenge, where you will give a gift every day for 29 days. If you’re feeling down about life or love, moving outside of yourself by focusing on all the ways you can help others is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

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